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Growing up in a family of ocean people has always made Keānuenue conscious of the natural environment around her, especially the ocean. While surfing one day she noticed that many of the previously healthy coral at her home break, Mākaha, was now bleached. After surfing consistently for two weeks she knew the coral had died. She was sad to see the once colorful and lively reef now become covered with spots of white and gray. Interested in why it was happening she started to look into the causes of coral bleaching.  


Once Keānuenue began to look into coral bleaching and its relation to climate change, she was hooked. She familiarized herself with different movements created to battle climate change and began to share the impact we have on our oceans with friends and family.She read reports published by researchers, watched brief videos that covered the basics of coral anatomy and spoke with her teachers about the different aspects of the issue. Although her love and commitment are much larger than simply coral bleaching, she has a much deeper connection to the affects happening in the ocean especially on the coral reefs.


Some of the things Keānuenue has done to pave the way towards a sustainable and healthy climate are participating in Blue Plannets Climate Crew's first cohort, speaking on behalf of the younger generations of Hawai'i at the Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association Conference and using a fabric made from recycled fishing nets.

What Anu Hawai'i Does

Anu Hawai'i is glad to work towards sustainability and we do our best to do our part. Some of the things we do are we use recyclable tissue and compostable mailers, most of our fabrics are made from recycled fishing nets and we work hard on limiting our carbon footprint. 

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